Bespoked Bristol

Just had a great weekend with Tim at Bespoked Bristol, its a bike show for the sort of people who Sideways serve, all the (very) pretty left field stuff that the big boys would love to be able to use on their bikes 🙂

3 days standing and talking about bikes on what turned out to be the best weather weekend of the year! The sheer variety and artistry of what was on display made up for this though, some very radical ideas being built, lots of fine working of traditional ideas and, of course there was beer to keep us going, we caught up with old friends including some of the shop regulars, made some new friends and expalined the point of fat bikes approximatly 1476 times 🙂

If you get chance to go to next years show then do so, its highly recommended.

Here’s a few snaps of stuff that caught my eye….


4 Responses to “Bespoked Bristol”

  1. Tim says:

    Brilliant show, great stuff to see, plenty of great folks and a real tonic for a jaded bike shop owner. Now, if only I hadn’t fucked up my arm climbing that fence, I’d be well up for a ride.

    Cheers for helping Steve – couldn’t have done it without you.

  2. andy carter says:

    So WHAT is the point Steve?

  3. Steve says:

    there is no point, thats the point 😉

  4. andy carter says:

    I might get one then. 🙂